Calais Elementary School

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Welcome to Calais Elementary!

Our Vision: calaissignStudents, staff, families and community work together to make Calais Elementary School an outstanding school, known for students' academic, creative, physical, and social achievement. Calais Elementary School works to: Honor learning differences, diversity, and the ability of each student to experience improvement and excellence. Foster a culture of continuous improvement for all students and staff. Support sustainable and balanced practices in staffing, budgeting, and educational practices. Create an environment that attracts and welcomes students, families, community, and staff.  




Newsletter 9/26/14

Volume 14-15   Issue #5

September 26, 2014

Dear Calais Families,

I’ve heard nothing but great things about last week’s fall wellness trips! I was so sorry to miss the trips, but am thrilled that our older students enjoyed their trip to Wrightsville, particularly the team-building engineering challenge – who doesn’t enjoy watching eggs fly from giant slingshots every now and again? This week I’ve been able to duck into a few classrooms and by chance have seen great mathematics work in each visit. Our first graders are doing a fabulous job getting to know their Cuisenaire rod kits and using this tool to learn all the ways to make 10. They are building a rich mathematics vocabulary while they’re at it, working to create and identify equations, inverted staircases, and efficient strategies.  Just down the hall, our kindergarteners are hard at work learning to write and recognize numerals and to orally (rote) count up into the 50’s and beyond. At the other end of the spectrum, I caught just a few minutes of our sixth graders reviewing the process and conceptual underpinnings of long division.

This week will be our final plea to complete the Fun Fitness Friday survey. So far we have about 35 responses, but more than 90 families with students in kindergarten through sixth grade. We are hoping to hear from ALL families so we can be confident any and all decisions honor the wishes of the majority of participants. The survey can be accessed via the following link:  or completed by hand (a hard copy of the survey is included with this newsletter).

Also coming home today are Bring a Neighbor to Lunch reservation forms. I am looking forward to seeing many familiar faces and meeting some new friends and neighbors at this year’s event. Lunch will be served on Friday, October 17th and forms and payment should be sent in by Friday, October 3rd.

Lastly, here is a memo from Bill Kimball regarding the supervisory union-wide change to parent-teacher conference schedules:

Washington Central Supervisory Union builds its school calendar collaboratively with four other supervisory unions, as required by State statute.  In March of each year, the WCSU Executive Committee approves the calendar for the upcoming school year.  Last year, we collected data on the scheduling and utilization of parent/teacher conferences.  We have found that over 60% of the conferences were not being held during the prescribed in-service days.  Furthermore, many of the conferences that were attended by parents were held either early in the morning, or in the late evening.  After considering this evidence and looking at student results, as well as knowing we need to increase the opportunities for professionals to work together across the schools, it was determined that parent conferences should be held in the current configuration.  -William Kimball, Superintendent of Schools

As noted in previous weeks, we will get more information out regarding schedules when we get closer to the November dates.  Have a great weekend!    Marissa