Calais Elementary School

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March 2012

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Principal’s Report: March 28, 2012

Action Plan Progress

 The 2012-12 Action Plan Committee will be meeting on Mondays, April 2nd, 9th, 16th from 4:00-5:00 PM.  Member of this year’s committee are:  Carole Freeman, Assistant Superintendent; Heidemarie Holmes-Heiss, art teacher; Kelly MacMartin, Grade 1 teacher; Victoria Caldes, paraprofessional; Chauntelle Eckhaus, parent; and Grace Hoffman, principal.


Focus Area: Climate


C. Continue to build public awareness of student learning.

     Math support teacher, Kate Rob, worked with classroom teachers organizing “Pi Night.”   The faculty decided to change “Math ‘n’ Muffins,” which was held in the morning to an evening event.  We took advantage of the calendar date, March 14th (or 3.14) to schedule this event.  Sixth grade students demonstrated their understanding of Pi and all grades introduced math games to their families and friends.  These games build on their classroom skills and knowledge and are great at-home activities. Pi Night was scheduled during the dinner hour, so Chefs Nancy Pulsifer and Carolyn Beauregard produced pizzas to feed families. In addition to pizza there was a plethora of pies, both savory and sweet, provided by moms and dads and shared by all.


F.  Round Table will continue to provide student leadership and participate as members of the Calais Student Welcoming Committee

      Students of grades 4-5+6 experienced lots of fun at the annual sleepover.  Parents contributed juice, baked goodies, chips, veggies and dip. Mr. Fish set up the gym with volleyball, hula-hoops, soccer, shuffleboard, air hockey, table tennis and two Wii exercise games.  This year it was the girls’ turn to bed down in the library while the boys bunked in the gym.  We were fortunate to have four parent volunteers to supervise our children overnight.  In the morning more parents returned to serve sleepy-eyed children some breakfast.  This is a tradition that has become a “rite of passage,” and students look forward to it annually.


Focus Area: Wellness

A.     Healthy exercise and development of lifelong wellness skills will be encouraged and supported through a variety of activities.

Of the five scheduled Fun Fitness Friday students were able to participate in three due to the lack of snow.  The Climate and Wellness committee will discuss how we can best use the remainder of the grant, which I will re-write and re-submit to Kelly Bushey, who oversees the EPSDT grant funds.

Wifi Update


            WCSU Technology Director, Jeff Arey, has advised me what to order to replace access points and switches to retrofit classrooms that use WiFi technology for learning.  The cost to retrofit one class is $469.75.  This does not include any costs associated with installation.


Building Update

The library window that was damaged, due to a break-in, is scheduled to be repaired on Friday March 30th.   The cost of replacement is $975.00 for the window and we are estimating $1200.00 for the installation.  The library office window will be replaced over the summer. Jason Rowell will remove an office window that is currently covered by a book shelf, and swap it out with the window that was damaged.  Jason will use drywall to cover the area where the good window was removed.  Our insurance deductible is $5000.00 so these repairs will come out of the capital improvement line.