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Principal's Report

Principal's Report September 2015

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Principal and Superintendent’s Report – September 23, 2015

Link to the current Continuous Improvement Plan:

See updates below on our benchmarks to the CIP.

  1. Literacy

The WCSU Literacy steering committee met in June to plan writing assessments for the year and adopt non-negotiables. The Calais writing committee began to build on this work to drive writing instruction during their 9/2/15 committee meeting. The writing committee is also planning a presentation to the board for later in the year.

By   October 31, 2015

A.                   Scope and sequence documents that align to non-negotiables and   incorporate use of conventions checklists created, collated, and shared school   wide for writing PK-6

B.                   Fall reading assessments administered; data summary prepared and   shared; evidence of fall “quick start” and Tier 1 and Tier 2 instruction that   is responsive to reading assessment results

C.                   Number of walkthrough observations completed

D.                  At least one staff meeting/in-service meeting to analyze student   writing has occurred

E.                   Quarter 1 student goals for reading and writing compiled

A.                   1, 7, 10


B.     3, 5, 11, 6?


C.     4, 7?

D.                  9

E.     12


B.   In progress as of 9/23/15. Planning/scheduling has begun for Tier 2 (Reading   Specialist) intervention.

D.   Completed on 9/2/15


  1. Mathematics

Beth Downing was hired for the year to take on a part time role as math interventionist in grades K-3.  Cat has met with Ellen Dorsey (WCSU math coach) and Jennifer Miller-Arsenault to identify needs assessment and goals for math instruction at CES.

11. Deploy 0.36 FTE math interventionist   strategically and effectively; develop protocols for monitoring progress so   that effectiveness can be measured

Principal, Math Interventionist


Beth Downing is performing as a .36 math   interventionist, K-3

  1. School Climate

Plans to develop a rubric on proficiency and growth in resilience will be held off to align with the work already begun with the WCSU social curriculum steering committee. This committee is tasked with articulating a set of non-negotiables around personal/social development. This work will eventually be reflected in the personal/social development section of report cards.

6. Develop rubric to assess proficiency and   growth in resilience. Establish and follow schedule to use rubric in   summative fashion 2x per year.


on hold

The WCSU SCSC will be meeting 9/23/15 to begin   work on N-N. This work will be aligned with the N-N and reflected in our   report cards.

By   September  30, 2015

A.                   At least one whole staff PD session on resilience has occurred

B.                   Year-long time table for SGSP established and communicated to   staff and families

C.                   First All School Celebration is planned; students and staff   members have been included in planning of this event

D.                  Bullying/Harassment Prevention and Digital Citizenship Info   Night held

A.     6, 7

B.     8

C.                   3

D.    3, 4

The   WCSU SCSC will be meeting 9/23/15 to begin work on N-N. This work will be   aligned with the N-N and reflected in our report cards. This work will be on   hold until then.

C.   Planned for end of September with full staff discussion, 9/16/15

D. Night planned for 10/7/15

  1. Other

Update on models for delivering Tier 2 interventions from other area schools: Cat looked at the models currently used at EMES, U32, and BCEMS. Each school offers some regularly scheduled time for additional support. Having a time scheduled in the Master Schedule ensures these supports are in place and have resources (expert teachers) available. Calais is challenged by our size in that scheduling a universal time (all students access support and/or enrichment at the same time) could occur but making sure that we have an expert teacher available for all student needs at that time does not work with part time staff. One person cannot meet all student needs at the same time. Cat will continue to research models used at other smaller schools in the area.


Principal's Report June 2015

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Principal and Superintendent’s Report – June 18, 2015

Link to the current Continuous Improvement Plan:

With only a few weeks between board meetings and the end of the school year, it’s a lean news month. Enjoy this brief, yet hopefully informative report!

  1. Literacy

We are in the process of tabulating final reading assessment data. We are beginning to be able to use our student information system, Infinite Campus, to store and run reports that summarize this data. In general, it was another strong year for our readers. The majority of students met or exceeded grade level standards and most of those who did not quite hit the mark made at least a full year’s worth of growth.

  1. Mathematics

We will have three staff members attending the math lab school this summer, the new principal, special educator, and 1/2 teacher. Those folks are looking forward to sharing in that learning and getting settled into new roles.

  1. School Climate

We had our final All School Celebration of the year on June 5th. Thanks to a little extra grant money at the SU level, we were able to rent a bouncy house that served as the main attraction of our summer carnival. Other key features of the event included some fair food (corn dogs for lunch and popcorn for snack), a photo booth, and field games.

We are very excited that 100% of sixth graders successfully completed all phases of the Sixth Grade Service Project and thus earned the privilege of attending the trip to Silver Lake State Park. We had our trip on Monday, June 8th. It was a bit chilly and damp, but students enjoyed swimming, volleyball, fishing, football, and many other activities. The biggest hit, however, was most definitely the cookout, which included a “gourmet” s’mores station.

  1. Other
  2. World Culture Update

The folks at Spiral have shared that neither they nor we are quite set up to have a visa all sorted in time to host an exchange teacher in the coming school year. Marissa has talked with classroom teachers and all are supportive of the “country of the year” idea. They are particularly excited about the fact that there would most likely be financial resources available to buy the book sets needed to do a literacy unit or the materials needed for a long-term craft project. Many also expressed a desire for an extended planning time or two to coordinate efforts across grade levels. The plan at this point, then, is to pick a country for next year over the summer. The goal would be to select a country for which we have some local ties or resources.

  1. Next Year’s CIP

Next year’s CIP was introduced in draft form to the staff on April 29th. It was then approved at the June 3rd staff meeting. There are still some benchmarks to be articulated for later in the school year. Committee members responsible for these sections have concrete plans to do this work in the summer months.

Marissa has drafted a document highlighting the “crosswalks” between the 2015-2016 CIP and the board’s Student Learning Outcomes document and most recent set of Board Goals. A copy of that document appears directly following this report in the June Board Packet. A link to this document will also be inserted into the CIP once it is finalized.

You can view the CIP here:

  1. Summer Facilities Work

Key projects that will be undertaken this summer include:

  • Playground maintenance and updates including adding back a climbing dome and righting some leaning towers
  • Usual sprucing up tasks: painting, carpet cleaning, replacing broken floor tiles
  • Regular maintenance to heating, plumbing, lighting, alarm systems

We do not have updates on projected costs of these projects, largely because we do not expect to extend beyond the normal repairs and maintenance budget.


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